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SSVP CLB Champions ‘Cheat sheet’ Share this summary sheet with other interested volunteers in your conference   Volunteers will love the Action Map as it walks them step by step through the process of initial interview to filling out the application
Give this easy to reproduce
One-page Info Sheet to families to better explain RESPs, the
Bond and the
Online Application
  The Quick Reference Guide clearly explains the additional matching grant program available to families that choose to make contributions into the RESP
Use this Poster to promote Canada Learning Bond access at your next SSVP Event

(download the Microsoft Word format)

5 Specially branded Information sheets from each participating Financial Institution can be used as
'Warm Introductions' by applicants

Award this Society of Saint Vincent De Paul
'We Believe in You' Certificate to
RESP/ CLB applicant families

(download the Microsoft Word format)

Seeds of Hope Project Overview:
This overview provides background to answer
Frequently Asked Questions
about RESPs, the CLB and the 'Seeds of Hope' Project

Jess is a single mom of 3 from
St. Catharines. This is her Learning
Bond Story

(3 Min Video)

Step by Step
through the MySmartFUTURE
online application

(6 min video)
Links to critical documents:Awareness to Access   (download)
 Procedures   (download)
 Keeping Track   (download)
 CLB Dialogue Checklist   (download)
 CLB Champions Training   (download)
 RESP Sign up Next Steps   (download)