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Brant Particular Council

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Particular Council of Brant is comprised of five conferences, three in Brantford, one in Burford, one in Paris.

Particular Council of Brant manages the St Vincent de Paul Brant Thrift Store at 143 Wellington Street, Brantford N3S 3Y8.

Three of the conferences (St. Basil, St. Mary, St. Pius) help those in need across Brantford, by dividing the city according to specific geographical areas in the city. Blessed Sacrament conference helps those in need in Burford and Scotland, Sacred Heart conference helps those in Paris.

Four of the conferences respond to phone calls. They use an answering service to retrieve requests for help. Please call the number listed beside the conference name and leave a message including your name, address, phone number and type of assistance needed. If you call before 11 am, someone from the conference will see you that day. If you have called after 11 am you will be visited the next day. If you live in the area of St. Mary`s parish, visit the St. Vincent de Paul office at the church (corner of Colborne & Murray St.) between 12 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday to access support.

les magasins suivants sont associés à Brant:

Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, 143 Wellington St. (at Clarence), Brantford


Blessed Sacrament Conference
181 King Box 219, Burford
519-865-1562 (SSVP #)
Sacred Heart Conference
17 Washington Street, Paris
St Basil Conference
50 Palace St, Brantford
519-752-0243 (SSVP phone number)
St Mary Conference
133 Murray St, Brantford