Summer Program


The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul invites all young people across Ontario to participate in our first Youth Summer Program - Journeying with St. Vincent. The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a lay-Catholic organization whose mission is to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy. We are inviting young people throughout the school year to work with us on different projects as well as help us create more projects that they want to spearhead. The purpose for this summer program is to thank the young people for their service throughout the year and to give them an even greater understanding of Ontario and how one community can be thriving while the one next door can be struggling.

We will invite young people to work with us throughout the school year to gain volunteer hours. There are 2 ways they can help us. The first is partnering with our adult conferences all across Ontario and working in our soup kitchens, food banks, thrift stores, etc. and gain volunteer hours with us there. Another way is to create campaigns in their schools, some examples would be A Bed for Every Child, Canned Food Drives, Cleaning the Neighbourhood, Sleep Out for Poverty, BINGO night at a retirement/seniors home, baking at Ronald MacDonald, and any other creative ideas that these young people come up with. These campaigns bring awareness to multiple different people in the community who need help.
You will find 2 posters included that invites young people to take a look into our website for more information. Please feel free to take a look at our website as well to get more information on this project. There are resources available in the website for ideas that young people can start within the schools, as well as, information on how to contact the closest adult conference in their community.

We hope that your school decides to support our organization and welcome the possibility of young people working with our Society. For any questions or concerns you can contact Sophia Mutuc at

Thank you for your time and consideration and cheers for all the good work you are doing in your school and in the community.