The First World Day of the Poor
November 1, 2017
Pope Francis has declared that the Church will celebrate the first World Day of the Poor as a conclusion to the Jubilee of Mercy. This year it will be celebrated on Sunday, November 19, the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. I re-read the Holy Father’s message and some parts spoke to me:...
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An Open letter to our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau
September 23, 2017
I have worked in fly-in communities, Webequie, Marten Falls and Attawapiskat and at a local reserve Georgina Island. All have been affected by water issues. I consider the people I have come to know and love, family and my family of First Nations people is suffering. Damaged skin from chemicals in the water, mercury and lead poisoning, constantly having to boil their water or drink very expensive bottled water...
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Proclaiming the Christian Response to Justice
September 18, 2017
This Newsletter serves to keep our Social Justice Reps and interested Vincentians up to date regarding advocacy issues. It suggests specific actions individual Vincentians can take to help our neighbours in need achieve a better life.
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Dear fellow Vincentians;
September 4, 2017
I encourage you to support the Government of Canada rescinding the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the U.S.A. by signing the petition at the attached link to Amnesty International Canada. You can also read about the agreement at this website. While the final decision on the eligibility of an individual entering Canada does not change we can at least make the procedure one that is a much safer and humanitarian route for those crossing our border. As long as this agreement remains in effect, a person must enter illegally, facing challenging physical barriers and then being arrested.
Jim Paddon, Chair, National Social Justice Committee, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Canada.
Amnesty International

Say NO to hate and racism
september 2, 2017
As one of my duties as chair of our national social justice committee, I take part in monthly conference calls with social justice reps from various branches of the Vincentian family. There are likely about 15 or so who may attend these calls, with most being located in the U.S.A. and a couple of Sisters of Charity from Canada. There is such a general feeling of disgust and disappointment amongst this group with their president and the very dangerous level of racism and hatred being faced today in the U.S.A.
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The Last Post
November 14, 2017
With honour and humbleness, we had the awesome privilege of cleaning the Last Post this year at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in London Ontario.
The Holy Family Parish Youth Conference, St. Louise de Marillac Society of St. Vincent de Paul held our 3rd Last Post Clean up for the Remembrance Celebration happening in London..(read more)

November 8
It is with great joy I share with you the safe arrival of the sea containers and the crates sent to our brothers and sister in Nunavut.
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7 days of mourning declared by the President General
October 2
It is with deep sadness and grief that we would like to inform everyone that we lost, as of today, 19 brothers and sisters from the Vincentian Family in Zambia, in a road accident.
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A Letter from Pope Francis to the Whole Vincentian Family, at the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul!
September 27, 2017
Pope Francis offers us a few words on the main feast of the whole Vincentian Family! On the occasion of the commemoration of Saint Vincent de Paul, Pope Francis has written a beautiful reflection to all of us who live the Vincentian charism, which we reproduce below: Dear brothers and sisters, On the occasion of ...
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New Church Pews for Rankin Inlet
September 25, 2017
There is so many people to be thankful to. Thanks to their efforts and dedication the dream came true and we can have nice pews at our church.
Everything started when Peggy Leroux from SSVP came to Rankin..
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