Happy Feast Day, Blessed Rosalie!
February 1 2018
Conferences do not forget the one who undoubtedly can be called our first Spiritual Advisor: The Blessed Rosalie Rendu, who knew how to stand by our young founders in the beginning, with her advice and example
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The VincenPaul: Special Edition
February 8, 2019
As we move into the new year of 2019, I’d like to thank all councils and conferences that have appointed a social justice representative and, in some cases, a committee.
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Changing Times
January 23, 2019
Welcome to the first edition of our revised Changing Times social justice newsletter. You may recall this newsletter was published four times a year. This revised edition will be published ten times each year but will be shorter in content...
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Ontario Basic Income Network
January 17, 2019
Making Basic Income a reality is a big task. It takes planning, organization, and the passionate work of advocates like you across the province. As a part of accomplishing our goal, OBIN is working in strategic coordination with Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) to help us succeed here and help the movement in every province and territory.
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Featuring the Strathroy SSVP Christmas Dinner

Dear Brother and Sister Vincentians,
February 5, 2019
Please share this monthly news with all Vincentians.
Topics: Spiritual Matters; ONRC Spring Meeting; Annual Reports; Word Day of the Poor; Social Justice; Ozanam Fund; North of 60; Best Practices
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North of 60 February 2019 Report
February 3, 2019
Still very early but we are in motion. The summer of 2019 will be busy with food being gathered for our northern sisters and brothers in nine communities. This summer, North of 60 is reaching out to two new communities – Chesterfield and Arivat.
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Stories of "World Day of the Poor"
February 3, 2019
..We had our annual address to the congregation and launched our Christmas program the weekend after. We ordered two large posters from Staples and 1000 prayer cards which we placed in the pews at each mass for everyone to take home with them. They were really nice and some people did take them home...
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Who was Paul Lamache?
January 30, 2019
2019 has been designated as the "Year of Paul Lamache" for Vincentians.
I have a circle of friends who gather every day in worthwhile enterprises and whom I love as brothers. Lamache with the soul of an artist; and practically a knight.… What delightful hours we have spent together speaking of country, family, religion, science, literature, legislation, everything beautiful, everything great, everything which ought to be treasured in the heart.
Frederic Ozanam to his mother, March 19, 1833

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