Rabbits and Chickens and Eggs, Oh My!
April 1 2018
It's almost Easter, time to rejoice. But how? When? Where? With whom? As much fun as spontaneous celebration can be, we Christians do need to plan and prepare for our biggest and most holy celebration of Easter.
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Ontario Advocacy Newsletter
April 9, 2019
This Newsletter serves to keep our Social Justice Reps and interested Vincentians up to date regarding advocacy issues. It suggests specific actions individual Vincentians can take to help our neighbours in need achieve a better life (read more)

«Charity without Justice is not Charity»
«Justice without Charity is not Just»
April 2, 2019
Please join us as we engage in community dialogue on this important topic. It speaks to the heart of our social policy system.
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Restorative Justice - Prison Ministry
March 29, 2019
We include restorative justice/prison ministry under social justice at both our national and regional levels as the many issues related to this topic are certainly ones that we need to be active in both advocacy and systemic change
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Featuring the Hamilton Lenten Soup Event

Dear Brother and Sister Vincentians,
April 2, 2019
Please share this monthly news with all Vincentians.
Topics: Spiritual Matters; ONRC Spring Meeting; Recruitment Tools Workshop; Restorative Justice/Prison Ministry; National; Internationl; Best Practices
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A Dental Chain of Events
April 3, 2019
Halton Particular Council has been actively helping the families gain access to desperately needed dental services since 2012. We are focused on 3 pillars of support. Ensuring children have access to the Healthy Smiles Dental program, Adults to get access to teeth cleaning and Adults to get access to emergency dental care.
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Nigerian Well Project Report
March 25, 2019
Brother Knights: I am including here a report from Bernie Hartlin, President of the Holy Redeemer Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) Conference, about the special collection and project in 2017 to build a well in Nigeria. This report is of interest to the parish and our Council, as Knights contributed to this collection, both as individuals and as a Council.
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North of 60 LEARN MORE
March 7, 2019
Ontario Region embraced the communities of Nunavut beginning in 2016. We had a presence in only 2 communities back then but now, 7 communities receive food items gathered by our Conferences/Councils. The food is shipped in 20 foot sea containers during the summer months only.
You too can be part of this wonderful project. Please contact your conference / council or directly with pegg@ssvp.on.ca.

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