June 1 2019
The pastor of my parish introduced a homily with this story:
Tommy, age 10, sat down for supper with his family one evening. His mother asked, "What did you learn in school today?". Tommy answered, "My teacher told us about The Exodus." "What did she tell you about The Exodus?" asked Mom...
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Ontario Advocacy Newsletter
June 16, 2019
This Newsletter serves to keep our Social Justice Reps and interested Vincentians up to date regarding advocacy issues. It suggests specific actions individual Vincentians can take to help our neighbours in need achieve a better life (read more)

Welcoming Newcomers
May, 2019
As Vincentians we are reminded in the Rule (1.2) that immigrants and refugees are among those whom we are called to serve. Please see our new pamphlet "Newcomers, You Are Welcome…Aren't you?" and distribute it in your parish.

Restorative Justice - Prison Ministry
March 29, 2019
We include restorative justice/prison ministry under social justice at both our national and regional levels as the many issues related to this topic are certainly ones that we need to be active in both advocacy and systemic change
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Dear Brother and Sister Vincentians,
June 3, 2019
Please share this monthly news with all Vincentians.
Topics: Spiritual Matters; ONRC Spring Meeting; ONRC Fall Meeting; National News; Rejuvenation Committee; Succession Planning; Youth; Vincentians with 30 years of service; Best Practices
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Highlighting the Blessing of the New SSVP Store in Brantford
June 11, 2019
Bishop Douglas Crosby O.M.I. blesses the new SSVP Brant Thrift Store. See a picture gallery of the celebration surrounding the opening of the store.

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Collingwood's "College student hand-up"
May 3, 2019
Developed by St Mary's Conference Collingwood, this program provides assistance to local college students who might be in danger of dropping out of their program due to unexpected expenses. It does not cover tuition expenses, but all other expenses are given consideration.
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Brockville`s Weekender Program For Kids
April 26, 2019
the Brockville SSVP Conference's Weekender Program For Kids (WP4K) was awarded one of the City of Brockville's inaugural Brockville Community Awards of Recognition for Outstanding Community Contribution, at a ceremony held at Brockville’s City Hall.
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