Project Assistance

Projects for Systemic Change

Systemic change is working with those in poverty to bring about fundamental change that helps bring theim out of poverty.We can do this by identifying the barriers and working to remove them. The ONRC systemic Change committee promotes projects/initiatives that help remove barriers. Our Committee works with councils or conferences to help with such projects. Examples of these projects are summarized here. ONRC has set aside limited funds for seed money to help start projects. Please contact us at for assistance.
The project assistance is also available to start the process.

The Fundamental Project questions are:

  • Why the change is required (Social impact)

  • What needs to change (the barriers, root cause investigation)

  • Where will the changes be made (local, business, charity org., government services, etc?)

  • How do we make the changes (Process, resources, prerequisites, etc?)

  • Who will carry out the changes (resources needed and commitment)

  • When will it be done (the basic schedule)

  • Cost estimate of expenses for the project

  • Sustainability – How will the change be sustained

  • Replicability – Is it replicable in other areas, conferences, councils, etc