Social Justice Issues & Systemic Change (Chart)

IssueSystemic Change (Individual & Community)Systemic Change (Advocacy)
Access to Education & TrainingOzanam Education Fund and other funding sources
Seeds of Hope program
Advocate for better access to education for those in need
Youth UnemploymentNetworking for job opportunities for those in need
Arrange for coaching & training for new jobs
Finanial Skills & AssistanceBudgeting training, Tax prep assistance
Small loans (Vinnie Wallet)
Arrange for basic finacial training
Advocate for financial training in schools
HomelessnessArrange for immediate shelter
Provide assistance in finding a home
Advocate for more affordable homes
Coping with Mental illnessBe Aware of the need & resources available
Coach for getting help where possible
Advocate for better support systems for those with mental illness
Access to adequate Health careBe aware of Health care Resources available
Be an advocate to help deal with the processes
Advocate for better Health care for those living in poverty
Lack of adequate Dental careBe aware of the low cost resources available
Arrange for help where possible
Advocate for broader coverage in the health care system
Access to Basic TransportationBe aware of local alternatives & resources
Arrange for key transportation coverage
Advocate for better systems for those in need
Seniors Poverty issuesBe aware of specific local issues & resources
Be an advocate for immediate & long term help
Aboriginal Poverty issuesLook for local solutions for individuals
Become familiar with the local community issues
Single Parent poverty issuesBecome familiar with local support resources eg. Incite
Look for ways to remove the barriers out of poverty
Access to the Justice systemBecome familiar with the barriers & solutions
Provide contacts as appropriate
Prison issuesBe involved with the Prison Ministry
Help with re-establishment in the community for returning citizens
Migrant Worker issuesProvide financial & cultural assitance
Provide migrant worker outreach programs
Drug and Alcohol AbuseProvide resources and contacts for help

Low parenting skillsProvide resources & contacts for help & training

Domestic Violence issuesProvide resources and contacts for help

last updated: April 17, 2017