Systemic Change

"Charity is not sufficient. It treats the wounds but it does not stop the blows that cause them. Charity is the Samaritan who pours oil on the wounds of the traveler who has been attacked.
It is justice's role to prevent the attacks."
F. Ozanam, Notes d'un discours de droit commercial

In 1833 Frederick Ozanam advocated for a just society where the fair distribution of wealth, opportunities, and priviledges would promote the wellbeing of all people. He promoted "Charity" help by helping those in need with food shelter, and clothig and he also challenged his team to "seek out the injustices and to address them". Today we have the same two basic missions in our SSVP organization; to provide the immediate needs (Charity) and to address the Social Injustices affecting those that we werve by seeking them out and addressing them.  In addressing tese injustices we are called to make changes to the various systems that surround those in need. These systems may be direct daily personal systems affecting individuals, common systems affecting many in our community, or systems that are under the control of our many Institutions. Systemic Change is the term we use for seeking our the root causes of these injustices, formulating solutions, and bringing about change that removes the barriers for those living in poverty.

Our Systemic Change Committee Focus

  • Social Justice & Systemic Change Orientation for our Vincentians to help them in this mission.
  • Project assistance in initiating Systemic Change projects
  • Providing assistance with Systemic Change Resources
  • Sharing Systemic Change/ Social Justice Success Stories