Seeds of Hope Collaboration Scales up Impact

Seeds of Hope Collaboration Scales up Impact

The Seeds of Hope project continues to increase the impact for the families through stronger collaborative efforts.

SSVP partnered with Employment and Social Development Canada (EDSC) for a Canada Learning Bond (CLB) sign up event on November 23 at the Brantford SSVP Thrift store. ESDC sent out invitation letters for the event to families whose children are still missing out of the funds to which they are entitled. In 5 short hours a team of 15 CLB Champions was able to assist 53 families and 89 children. That is up to $180,000 of access to federal funds and hope for a brighter educational future! Additional sign up events are being planned for 2020 with so many possibilities to help so many children.

SSVP has been partnering with the London Chaplaincy office at the Southdale housing complex to raise awareness and access to the CLB. On December 14th we attended their Christmas party where Santa presented the children with their congratulatory certificates. What an incredible message of hope for the future delivered by Santa to the children and their parents.

Please reach out to learn how to launch the SOH project and to keep stretching towards the 3 pillars of Education, Health and Wellbeing by being the link from awareness to access to the Canada Learning Bond, Healthy Smiles Ontario Dental and Recreational Opportunities.

Linda Alexander, SOH Project Manager,, 905-483-4876