SSVP Education programs:

Ozanam Education Fund:
  • An ONRC sponsored Education Fund providing help to those in dire need to get an education and break the cycle of poverty.
  • Contact: Jere Hartnett
RESP (Registered Education Savings program) & Smart Saver
  • An ONRC sponsored project to leverage the government RESP programs for children in need.
  • Contact: Linda Alexander

Community Programs:

Bursary & Scholarship programs:
Free Tutoring program:
Free Book Program:
  • A program for collecting and distributing free books to young children to encourage literacy for children at risk
  • Contact:
Low cost refurbished computers:
  • RCTech a not for profit organization that refurbishes laptops & desktops and makes them available at affordable prices
  • Contact:

Education & Training:

Your feedback and Input:
We encourage your feedback on Educational programs and success stories in your area. Please send your ideas, suggestions, and stories to:

Alan Read:

Updated: Sep 13,2016