Basic Income Program

March 7, 2023

A Basic Income Program

Is a Basic Income Program affordable?

A guaranteed basic income program is designed to provide poverty relief in a more economical, efficient and less bureaucratic manner than our current social assistance model.

Economic efficiencies are expected when the current system, complicated by many eligibility rules and red-tape, is streamlined by simply providing a livable income for all. In addition, research shows higher incomes mean healthier citizens and lower crime rates, resulting in further savings to society.

Isn’t this just paying people not to work?

No, people want to work. Unfortunately, the constant stress of trying to afford basic living expenses such as food and shelter can be an insurmountable barrier to finding work. A decent guaranteed income helps provide the opportunities, resources and self-sufficiency people need to properly pursue employment. Even when people do find work, more and more jobs are characterized by low wages, no benefits and uncertain hours and tenure. The basic income model is a more streamlined, flexible poverty reduction program that can be adapted to these employment realities.

Is this just a way to save money by applying a less effective ‘one-size-fits all’ model?

The pilot project will help determine which targeted programs for people with special needs should continue, and which ones can be eliminated through efficiencies. The goal is to make sure no one is worse off under the basic income concept.

Basic Income