Ontario First Nations

July 10, 2014

Ontario First Nations

posted (July 10, 2014)

firstnations My dear fellow Vincentians:

Our Ontario First Nations are another area we now list under the social justice office of our Ontario Regional Council. Having lived in the north for a few years, I was able to learn a lot about our aboriginal brothers and sisters and the many issues they face, whether currently residing on a First Nations or in our urban communities. I am very pleased to have Michelle Jenkinson of Val Caron, to accept taking on a role as chair of this very important and long overlooked part of Ontario. There are many varied and at times complex issues we must deal with before we will be able to address the many problems in today`s world. The Ontario Regional Council will be working on these issues in the coming months and we will provide further information at our AGA in Barrie (Sept. 12/13th). You may contact Michelle with any comments or suggestions by using her email as found at our executive committee page.

Jim Paddon