First Nations - What actions can SSVP take?

November 22, 2019

First Nations - What actions can SSVP take?

posted (Nov 22, 2019)

How much do we know about Indigenous history, culture and faith traditions? Why should we care about improving our level of knowledge? If we agree this is valuable information, how can we access it?

Our general knowledge would of course vary according to our own personal experiences but there is likely a general lack of such knowledge of the above topics. The fact that the Indigenous People of Canada were here long before our ancestors arrived is one reason why we should have an interest in having a better understanding. In addition, in todays world there still exists statistical data that identifies a much higher ratio of lower education, poorer living conditions and lower paying employment opportunities for indigenous people in Canada. There is also a much closer relationship indigenous culture and faith tradition has always had with nature and care for creation.

There are some actions we’d like to recommend to all Vincentians:
  1. Land acknowledgement. The option to include this in your meetings, whether at the regional, council or conference level, is simply a statement which respects the fact that our meeting is taking place on land that is historically indigenous land. We are including a link to what a land acknowledgment would look like as well as a description of the topic.
  2. First Nations contacts: You could contact a nearby First Nation community to discuss ways SSVP may be able work with the community on poverty and justice issues.
    In addition, you could invite a member of the First Nation to speak at a council / conference meeting about their history, culture and faith traditions.
    Blanket Exercise: This is a presentation that can result in an emotional and educational experience for all attendees. We can assist any council/conference with contact information about this presentation.
    Indigenous Friendship Centres (IFC): There are many locations across Ontario with an IFC location. We encourage contact with your local location to see if they have any events that SSVP could attend. Also, there could be areas that SSVP could work with the IFC location regarding poverty and advocacy.
  3. Care for Creation: As the ONRC places a strong emphasis for our climate and caring for all creation, there is certainly a great deal we can all learn from our indigenous sisters and brothers about the relationship we have or should have with our Creator. We invite you to visit our Care for Creation heading.

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