November 22, 2019


We are likely all aware of the discussions and actions being taken across Canada and the world regarding topics such as environmental or climate change or as in some references environmental stewardship and ecological conversion. The ONRC strongly supports this issue and the various topics related to it. In addition, this issue is a concern with SSVP Canada as well as the larger global Vincentian family.

The ONRC will be using the term Care for Creation to emphasize the spiritual connection we have as Catholics to creation as exemplified in Laudato si, On Care for Our Common Home, the encyclical letter by Pope Francis. Pope Francis also told us in his message for World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation, “Each Christian man and woman, every member of the human family, can act as a thin yet unique and indispensable thread in weaving a network of life that embraces everyone”. In addition, one of the principles of Catholic Social Teachings is Stewardship which obligates us to protect the environment-croplands, grasslands, woodlands, air, water, minerals and other natural deposits.

Care for Creation and the erosion of our environment affects everyone but as is often the case, the most vulnerable, (our neighbours in need) usually suffer the most. They often don’t have the means to relocate out of harm’s way and cannot easily replace local sources of food, water and enterprise that are destroyed or tainted due to weather events or pollution. They are often powerless in trying to have their voices heard when raising the alarm about these issues.

All Vincentians are encouraged to educate themselves on the many and sometimes very complex factors related to Care for Creation. This new social justice heading on the ONRC website will help by providing resources which can be used for discussion at your council and conference meetings.

What can you do? Please visit our website and check out the link to Vinnie’s Green Team and the 50 easy ways to care for creation. Read these 50 points and see how many you are already doing or could do. The participation of our youth membership and indeed all youth is a very valuable and much needed component of this effort. Why not connect with your parish youth or local schools and share the Vinnie’s Green Team resources with them and invite their participation.

Jim Paddon, Chair
National social justice committee

Care for Creation