Certificate of Appreciation

Nov 23, 2020

Certificate of Appreciation

To Ontario Region Vincentians

Thank you for your continued support
with North of 60

We could not have done it without you

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Thank You – THANK YOU !!

All our northern communities have received their food. There has been a flow of emails and pictures of the sea containers being unloaded and so many smiling faces. Fr. Lukasz, Fr. Daniel and Sister Dorica have expressed such overwhelming gratitude for all the hard work done by our conference and council members. They know the difficulties we embraced…more like we stomped on and over… to ensure the communities received food.

This picture is of Chesterfield Inlet receiving food for the very first time ever and they have done a stellar job of making up hampers. Yes… they are wearing masks – COVID is in the North…Rankin Inlet has 2 cases, Arivat has 10 – lets pray it does not go wide-spread.

It is our turn to keep them in our prayers…many homes are multi-generational families.

Although this year has come to a close, I see it more as a rest. The summer of 2021 will be here soon enough and we are now pros at coping with COVID.
May I please reiterate - Vincentian Sisters and Brothers we could not have done this without you!

Thank You!

Pegg Leroux
North of 60 Chair
Ontario Region