North of 60 -report Winter 2017

Feb 12, 2017

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

I have heard from some of you about the wonderful video that Peter Ouellette released a few days ago. As the video explains, the Western SSVP folks have 5 communities that they are helping in the Arctic. The west has been providing sea container help in the Arctic for 5 years now. Ontario Regional has learned much from the Western experience and we continue to share and grow.

In the video, Luann Saumik from Whale Cove shares gratitude and information about their community. Whale Cove is a community we supported with a sea container this past summer and will continue to help this year.

Helen Tungilik who you also see in the video from Gjoa Haven, speaks openly about their community and their needs. Gjoa Haven is in the Nunavut area thus Ontario Regional will now continue the help they have received in previous years from the West.

So you may be wondering who else and how will Ontario help in the Arctic this summer?

We have 5 areas that need our help: Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove, Naujaat, Gjoa Haven, and Toloyoak.

At our fall AGM some of you expressed the desire to "stuff" a sea container for an Arctic Community – this is what has transpired.

The Particular Council and Conferences from greater Orleans/Ottawa will be stuffing a sea container for Rankin Inlet. On January 4th, Fr. Marcin from Rankin Inlet was able to come south and share the eminent needs of his community. A sea container will soon be dropped off to begin the adventure.

On January 29th, Fr. Daniel from Naujaat was also able to come south and visit with the Particular Councils and Conferences from St. Catharines. He had a beautiful power point made of his community sharing their culture and the daily struggles encountered. St Catharines is very eager to receive the sea container to begin "stuffing" for Naujaat.

Gjoa Haven has been embraced by our sisters and brothers in Windsor. They have already gathered items and are awaiting the drop-off of their sea container. I was able to meet Fr. Lucaz, the priest, on January 28th. He was overjoyed to know that assistance was still coming to them.

Whale Cove has been embraced by our Guelph sisters and brothers. During my December trip to the Arctic, I was able to speak with the Sister Dorica and Sister Fernande. They were overjoyed to be able to make Christmas hampers and to have supplies that will carry them for awhile into the new year.

Toloyoak is a Nunavut Community that needs our continued help. As of today we have yet to know how or who will fill the sea container for this community. Fr. Lucaz also serves this community. We spoke openly about sustaining the help once received by the West. I assured him we would do whatever needs to be done to continue their support. Please contact should you hope that this community could be served by your members.

On January 28th I met other Arctic Priests, all from the Nunavut area, who are hoping that help may one day be extended to their community. Fr. Bo from Pelly Point shared how he searched for 5 years hoping for assistance and had given up for his community. He feels renewed now knowing that hope and assistance are a possibility.

~ Pegg Leroux
Vice President, North of 60

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