Home Visitation

From the very beginning and throughout the Society's 175+ years of existence around the world, home visitations have been at the core and heart of the work of Vincentians (lay members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul). Although Ozanam, our founder, was open to all forms of charities and the Society has responded to new and changing needs by establishing Special Works, home visitations continue to be the way that most Vincentians choose to make person-to-person contact with those in need.

Home visitations have the following characteristics:

They are made by a pair of Vincentians to the home of a person seeking assistance from the Society;

Generally, the call for assistance will be directed to the Society's phone number or to the parish office of the Catholic church in your area. These numbers can be obtained through our Church Directory, Central Office, or the Links

Although the Society is a Catholic organization, we visit and serve anyone requesting assistance, regardless of religious beliefs or affiliations;

People may call the Society for various types of assistance. Some may need a compassionate ear. Some may need some emergency assistance in the form of food vouchers, clothing, or furniture. Others may need some information that will help them access appropriate services.