Prison Ministry/Restorative Justice (PMRJ) network
ZOOM meeting

Date: TUESDAY, APRIL 9th, 6.30 pm -8.00 pm EDT.

An agenda and zoom link will be sent to all as we get nearer the date. Please invite others who may have an interest in learning how they can get involved.

To diocesan chaplains, deacons and volunteers. You are welcome to join us at these zoom meetings with no obligation to join the Society.

It would be appreciated if all attendees confirm their participation by March 31st. (

Please find several helpful links regarding our prison ministry restorative justice efforts.

List of Ontario correctional facilities.

List of Federal correctional facilities in Ontario.
Ontario region -

John Howard Society which includes their various Ontario locations
Resources - John Howard Society of Ontario

St. Leonards Society locations.

Ontario Halfway homes locations.

Hamilton area release kit information.
PRK Summary

Prison Ministry Restorative Justice

Windsor Essex Prison Apostolate Handbook

If you have other relevant links, please send them to us.
These resources and other material can also be found on our ONRC website.
Click social justice then prison ministry.

Jim Paddon, Chair
ONRC Public Policy Dialogue & Development committee.

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