Mission Statement

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a lay catholic organization whose mission is:
  • To live the Gospel message
  • by serving Christ in the poor
  • with love, respect, justice and joy.


The Mission of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul implies that as Vincentians, we:
  • see Christ in anyone who suffers;
  • come together as a family;
  • have personal contact with the poor;
  • help in all possible ways.


Although the article "the" is used before the name in text, the official name is "Society of Saint Vincent de Paul".
The fish logo has long been the icon that has allowed the public to identify the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul throughout local communities, regionally, nationally and internationally. The continued effectiveness of the logo depends on its consistent use whenever it appears on marketing and communication pieces. will help you use the logo correctly on advertising, promotions, websites and other marketing and communications vehicles. These guidelines must be followed whenever the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul logo is used.


  • The fish is the symbol of Christianity and, in this case, represents the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
  • The eye of the fish is the vigilant eye of God seeking to help the poor in our midst.
  • The crossing at the tail or the tie-knot represents unity and oneness among members and also the union with the poor.
  • The circle bounding the logo signifies the global or worldwide stature of the SSVP, an international Society
  • The phrase serviens in spe means to serve in hope, the hope that comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ
SSVP logo