Five Loaves and Two Fishes

(posted: August 1 2021)

Five loaves and two fishes

In June 2008 a woman named Corrinne May wrote a song based on the miracle of the loaves and fishes performed by Jesus. The song is called “Five loaves and two fishes”. In her lyrics we see what transpires from the perspective of the boy who brought the loaves and fishes.

The song says that the boy was on his way to school. He was distracted by the noise of a large crowd and searched for them. They were listening to a man. The boy sat down and forgot all about school. He just listened to the man and sat close enough so that he could see his smile and his eyes. Hours passed and some of the man’s friends came looking for food for the people. The young boy had some loaves and some fish. So, he offered it to the man’s friend who brought it to Jesus, the man who everyone came to see and hear. “Use it all” he said, “as you will”.

What must the boy have been thinking? How could 5 loaves and two fish feed more than five thousand? But he was convinced that it would do some good, especially when Jesus intervened. The large crowd was fed and there was lots left over.

I often think about the boy especially when I am feeling helpless and against great odds. I sometimes become dejected and think that the work I do means nothing at all. But God can take my efforts and multiply it a hundred fold. I trust in God. He can take our fears, our talents, our efforts, even as small as they are, and do great things.

If Jesus asks you for something, make no excuses but give it to him. Don’t say “I don’t have time to visit anyone” or “I am not very good at doing what you are asking me to do”. We may say “What would God want from my poor life?” “I have no talent worth talking about.” Just give what you have and God will do the multiplying. To your surprise you will find that you will receive more than you ever gave.

As Vincentians we are to be the hands and face of Christ to those in need. We bring what we can; food, clothing, maybe furniture. But we also bring friendship and a listening ear. Most importantly we bring Christ. Let the boy in this story be an example to us. Can we be more like him and surrender all we have to God? Let us journey together to this point of surrender to God as we serve in hope.

Deacon John Girolami

Spirituality Corner

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by Deacon John Girolami,
Spiritual Advisor, ONRC