Organizational Chart

The International Confederation

The Confederation's head office is located in Paris, France, the city where the first conference was founded in 1833. In recognition of its origin, the official language of the Confederation is French. All official documents are drafted in this language.

The Council General Assembly normally meets once every six years.

The National Council of Canada

The National Council of Canada was instituted on September 27, 1971. It was incorporated under federal law on August 4, 1882 and has the status of charitable organization under the Income Tax Act. The National Council has a National President and a Board of Directors, who meet generally twice a year.

Address: 2463 Innes Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 3K3
Tel: (613) 837-4363
Fax: (613) 837-7375

The Rule book and the VincenPaul magazine, current and past issues may be found on the National Website.

organization chart