Conferences in Ottawa

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Assumption of the BVM Conference
320 Olmstead Street
Ottawa, K1L 7K3
Holy Cross Conference
685 Walkley Rd
Ottawa, K1V 6R8
Our Lady of Fatima Conference
153 Woodroffe Ave
Ottawa, K2A 3T8
Saint Patricks Bascilica Conference
281 Nepean Street
Ottawa, K1R5G2
Saint Peter Parish Conference
1640 Hetherington Road
Ottawa, K1V 9P5
Conférence Saint Thomas D`Aquin
1244, Place Kilborn
Ottawa, K1H 6L1
Conférence Saint-François-D`Assise
20, ave Fairmont
Ottawa, K1Y1X5
St George Conference
415 Piccadilly Ave
Ottawa, K1Y 0H3
St Maurice Conference
4 Perry Street
Ottawa, K2G 1K5
Conférence St Sebastien
1000, rue Frances
Ottawa, K1K3L5
St Theresa of the Child Jesus Conference
95 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, K2P 0H3
Conférence Trinité
435 Chemin Montréal
Ottawa, K1K 0V2

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