Conferences in Toronto West

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Holy Rosary Conference
354 St Clair Ave West
Toronto West, M5P 1N4
Immaculate Conception Conference
2 Richardson Ave
Toronto West, M6M 3R4
St Basil Conference
50 St.Joseph St
Toronto West, M5S 1J4
St Bernard Conference
1789 Lawrence Ave
Toronto West, M6L 1E3
St Cecilia Conference
163 Annette St.
Toronto West, M6P 1P5
St Clare Conference
1118 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto West, M6E 3M6
St James Conference
728 Annette Street
Toronto West, M6S 2E2
St Joan of Arc Conference
1701 Bloor St. W
Toronto West, M6P 1B1
St Jude Conference
3251 Weston Rd
Toronto West, M9M 2T9
St Peter Conference
830 Bathurst St
Toronto West, M6G 2M1
St Pius X Conference
2305 Bloor St. West
Toronto West, M6S 1P1
St Thomas Aquinas Conference
636 Glenholme Ave
Toronto West, M6E 3G9

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