organizational chart

Kitchener/Waterloo Particular Council

        •  Address: Unit 253, 55 Northfield Dr. E, Waterloo, N2K 3T6

Kitchener Particular Council oversees the functions of 15 affiliated conferences in Kitchener-Waterloo and is run by an executive comprising an elected president and officers appointed by the president. General meetings to which all conferences are invited to send delegates, often feature speakers from the community to discuss issues about which members might interested. Conferences in our region work diligently to feed, cloth, advocate and support those in need in our community. The Council also owns two buildings in downtown Kitchener in which Marillac Place, a maternity home, operates under the direction of an independent board.


Archangels Youth Conference
no physical address, Waterloo
Blessed Sacrament Conference
305 Laurentian Dr, Kitchener
519-580-0411 (dedicated phone line)
Marillac Place Conference
109 Young Street, Kitchener
Our Lady of Lourdes Conference
173 Lourdes St W, Waterloo
St Agnes Conference
75 Bluevale N, Waterloo
St Anne Conference
268 East Ave, Kitchener
St Anthony Daniel Conference
29 Midland Dr, Kitchener
St Francis Conference
49 Blueridge Ave, Kitchener
226-750-2627 (Dedicated Phone Line)
St John Conference
85 Strange St, Kitchener
519-570-1111 (Dedicated phone line)
St Joseph Conference
148 Madison Ave S, Kitchener
519-741-9944 (Dedicated phone line)
St Louis Conference
53 Allen St E, Waterloo
St Mark Conference
55 Driftwood Dr, Kitchener
519-571-8485 (Dedicated phone line)
St Mary Conference
56 Duke St, Kitchener
St Michael Conference
240 Hemlock St, Waterloo
519-747-1090 (Dedicated phone line)
St Teresa Conference
44 Leonard St, Kitchener