organizational chart

Toronto West Particular Council

The following thrift store(s) are associated with Toronto West:


Holy Rosary Conference
354 St Clair Ave West, Toronto West
416-923-8471 ext. 401 (SSVP)
Immaculate Conception Conference
2 Richardson Ave, Toronto West
St Basil Conference
50 St.Joseph St, Toronto West
416-926-2292 (SSVP)
St Cecilia Conference
163 Annette St., Toronto West
416-604-9524 (SSVP)
St Clare Conference
1118 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto West
St James Conference
728 Annette Street, Toronto West
647-436-6592 (SSVP)
St Joan of Arc Conference
1701 Bloor St. W, Toronto West
St Peter Conference
830 Bathurst St, Toronto West
416-534-4219ext 229 (SSVP)
St Pius X Conference
2305 Bloor St. West, Toronto West
St Thomas Aquinas Conference
636 Glenholme Ave, Toronto West
416-782-8943 ext.4 (SSVP)
St. Francis of Assisi Conference
72 Mansfield Ave, Toronto
St. Vincent de Paul Conference
263 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto