Particular Councils

A Particular Council is usually composed of 4 to 12 conferences in the same vicinity, for example, a town, a rural region, a diocese or, in the case of a large metropolitan area, a neighbourhood or district. It is the first level of councils within the Society. However, its size may vary depending on local practices and geography. The name of the council should reflect the area that it coordinates.

organizational chart Particular Councils report to either:
  • the Central Council to which they belong; or
  • the Regional Council, if they do not belong to a Central Council.
The Particular Council:
  • animates and coordinates the activities of conferences in their ministry;
  • It serves the conferences by furthering charitable activities;
The Particular Council keeps conferences informed about:
  • changing social conditions;
  • new issues and programs;
  • modification of, or additions to internal policies and procedures as well as changes in the National Council Operations Manual;
  • major events.

These are the Particular Councils of Ontario:

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