Spiritual Characteristics
September 1 2021
Last week our twin granddaughters were over to celebrate their first birthday. They are not identical twins. At that age you can see some distinct physical characteristics. One of the girls looks a lot like her dad. The other looks more like her mother and has a dimple on her chin like I do. Physical characteristics comes from our genes passed on from generation to generation.
I have often been told that I look like my dad...
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Ontario Advocacy Newsletter
August 23, 2021
This Newsletter serves to keep our Social Justice Reps and interested Vincentians up to date regarding advocacy issues. It suggests specific actions individual Vincentians can take to help our neighbours in need achieve a better life (read more)

Changing Times
April 15, 2021
In concert with the launch of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul’s Canada-wide, multiyear National Action Plan on housing, this is the second in a series of newsletters to help you and your Conference address the housing needs in your community. (read more)

Diversity and Inclusion
January 16, 2021
In response to the current discussions at our National Council level regarding systemic racism in Canada, the ONRC formed a Systemic Racism Working Group (SRWG) to discuss this issue and how it affects racialized persons, especially those living in poverty.(read more)

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Saint Vincent de Paul Feast Day
September 25, 2021
This Saturday, the Ottawa Central Council and Holy Redeemer Conference will be holding a special Mass for Saint Vincent de Paul Feast Day in conjunction with Holy Redeemer Parish 40th Anniversary and our conference's 35th. You are invited to attend.
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National Day for Truth & Reconciliation
September 30, 2021
This National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a designated paid holiday allowing federally regulated employers, including public and private sector employers who are subject to the Canada Labour Code to observe and participate.
(St Joseph's Mission residential School)
(Okanagan Valley Particular Council Response)
(Kamloops Response)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
July 7, 2021
Please share this monthly news with all Vincentians.
Spiritual Matters; New ONRC Board; Homelessness Webinar; Social Justice National Council; International;
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Every Child Matters
June 1
We searched for you
You supposed to come home.
Instead, the robes came.
They told us that you ran away.
We told them that you would never run away.
We told them that you were too young to run away.
We told them that you were afraid of the dark. ...
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St George's Vegetable Gardens
May 30
After a successful growing season in the spring and summer of 2019 members from the Saint George conference in London have started two new garden projects in Byron. The fresh vegitables were really appreciated by our neighbours in need...
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North of 60 - Spring News
April 29
North of 60 is once again full steam ahead even though the pandemic is biting at our heels.
This new lockdown will again put a damper in our gathering of food items. Items usually gifted by the schools and our parishes won’t be able to be collected due to their closures. This means that our local conferences/councils will most likely need to purchase food items but our grocery shelves are not bare this year....
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