Catholic Social Teaching and Today’s Vincentians
July 1 2022
Pier Giorgio Frassati lived in the early part of the 20th century. He lived in Turin in Northern Italy. He was a man who had a strong prayer life. He was taught scripture verses by his mother. His faith developed and felt a personal relationship with God. Through this relationship he learned that God loved the little ones...
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National Newsletter
Jun 2, 2022
In our efforts to maintain a strong communication link to those on our contact list, we shall publish a quarterly social justice newsletter for our supporters. (read more)

Catch the Ace
January 29, 2022
We at the Ottawa Central Council are very excited to launch this lottery draw that will help to extend the SSVP's mission of supporting people living in poverty in Ottawa
The first draw will take place on Monday, Feb. 14, 2022 (read more)

Diversity and Inclusion
January 16, 2021
In response to the current discussions at our National Council level regarding systemic racism in Canada, the ONRC formed a Systemic Racism Working Group (SRWG) to discuss this issue and how it affects racialized persons, especially those living in poverty.(read more)

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Misconceptions of the “WHOM” of Poverty
may14, 2022
If you missed the webinar, you may find both the webinar and the powerpoint presentation at the link below:

Ontario Regional Council has a new mailing address!
June 8, 2022
All correspondence, donations, invoices, etc. for ONRC should be mailed to:
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
Ontario Regional Council
240 Church Street
Toronto, ON M5B 1Z2

Cover Me with Love
January 24
On Saturday Jan 22nd, we joined the Muslim Soup Kitchen (MSK) on Hamilton road to give out coats and winter items. We arrived at 12:30 and there was already a line up for food to be served at 1pm...
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Joyful Socks
December 18
For the past 6 years the students of Mrs. Kustermans class at St. Vincent de Paul school in Strathroy, have been gathering up socks, tuques, mits, hygiene products and putting them in Christmas gift bags for people who attend the annual Christmas lunch for those in need organized by the All Saints Conference. They separate them to male of female and one is given to each and every person who comes on that day. Actually all the students in the school participate in bringing in the products. They are so generous and the children just love doing it all and packing it up. We invite a family to come and give them to the people...
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St George's Vegetable Gardens
May 30
After a successful growing season in the spring and summer of 2019 members from the Saint George conference in London have started two new garden projects in Byron. The fresh vegitables were really appreciated by our neighbours in need...
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