The Heart is the symbol of human love.
June 1 2024
The Catholic devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, allows us to see God’s eternal love for everyone.
In biblical language, ‘heart’ indicates the centre of the person where his sentiments and intentions dwell, In the Heart of the Redeemer we adore God's love for humanity, His will for universal salvation, His infinite mercy. The Bible portrays the heart as a vital aspect of one's spiritual journey. The heart is described as the seat of emotions, thoughts, and intentions.
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Notre Dame article – OTS donations
May 1, 2024
In our Street ministry there are so many groups that our SSVP Youth Conference are grateful for. From Corporate partners to high schools and elementary schools, other charitable organizations, fellow Vincentians from other Conferences within our Particular Council, the list goes on. We wish to highlight one group that surprised us this year with four collections.
This group that sticks out the most is our partnerships, Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School in London, ON...
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Youth Helping Youth
April 3, 2024
After a long COVID break, please join us once again in support of the right to learn by donating your used school supplies and other classroom items you no longer need...
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ClothingWorks Winter Giveaway
January 23, 2024
In preparation for the Winter Attire Giveaway with ClothingWorks, on November 25th, 2023, several members of our SSVP Youth Conference volunteered in many ways, to help make it a success. We began several days beforehand doing preparation work at the Goodwill Industries Warehouse on White Oaks Road. It was there that we worked in teams...
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2024 ONRC Board of Directors Election
May 3, 2024
The ONRC Board is made up on nine (9) Directors. In June,2024, Three (3) Directors are stepping down after 3 years’ service and a fourth vacancy on the Board remains because of the earlier resignation of the Treasurer in 2022. At the recent ONRC Annual General Meeting on May 2, 2024, the ONRC membership approved the election of 5 returning directors and 4 new Directors whose appointments take effect effective July 1, 2024.
The five (5) returning directors are Ann Massel, President, Omar Ellis , Vice-President, Rob Greenaway, Secretary, Pegg Leroux, Chair of North of 60, Dan Lohin, Chair of the Rejuvenation Committee. The four (4) new Directors are Matthew Au, Guido Kelly, Pat Lenz and Lori Stewart.
New Director information
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We have updated the check lists for both Conferences and Councils.
Please see the new Orientation Checklist
and the new Annual Checklist

LITS Circles Planned Events
May 14, 2024
This time we will be offering TWO events, one on May 28th and the other on June 11th:
One: A presentation by Naulaq Ledrew on
Hungering for Justice in the North
and Two: an event featuring Tina Stevens,
Strong Indigenous Voices and Their Role
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