Blessed Rosalie's Gifts and Ours
February 1, 2017
February 7 is the feast day of Blessed Rosalie Rendu. The International Rule of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul calls her "the one who undoubtedly can be called our first Spiritual Advisor"...
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North of 60 Video
February 3, 2017
In this video, Peter Ouellette, President of the Western Regional Council, describes the North of 60 Project. He invites you to meet Michelle, Ruth Anne, Elizabeth and David from the Northwest Territories
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Basic Income Guarantee Pilot Project
January 27, 2017
... We are glad to see that the Ontario government is considering a pilot project to test the concept of a Basic Income Guarantee. We feel this approach, as articulated by Senator Hugh Segal, has the potential to provide `a more efficient and humane way to reduce poverty.`...
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle
December 28, 2016
Seven National Catholic organizations form Catholic coalition to strengthen and foster relations with Indigenous people.
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Camp Vincent has a new website!
February 15, 2017
We invite everyone to visit our new website for information about the camp by going to or simply following the links on Ontario website.
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Changing Times
February 3, 2017
The Latest Social Justice Newsletter
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Circular Letter from the President General
January 31, 2017 is with great joy that I have the pleasure of reinstating the annual Circular Letters, based on Vincentian tradition and on the good practices of the unforgettable and enlightened General Presidents who preceded me...(read more)
Happy New Year from the SSVP Ontario Region President
January 10, 2017
We have just heard that Mary Mother of God Oakville has helped its 100th child to gain access to education savings through an RESP!!
A special note of congratulations and thanks to the dedicated team that has made this happen...(read more)