New Church Pews for Rankin Inlet

(posted: September 25, 2017)

There is so many people to be thankful to. Thanks to their efforts and dedication the dream came true and we can have nice pews at our church.

Everything started when Peggy Leroux from SSVP came to Rankin. I've shared with her my dream to have nice pews at the church. She took this desire straight to Toronto and presented this request to Catholic Missions of Canada. Ms Kathleen Ancker contacted me almost immediately and she assured me that she will try to help. They found the used pews at one of the churches that was not longer used in Toronto. And then Carpenters' Union of Ontario, mostly local #27, took this project into its hands. They took these pews apart, they cut the pews to the proper measurement to make sure that they will fit into our church, renovated a bit, collected some money and they shipped the pews to Rankin. Last Monday four members of Carpenters' Union Local #27 came to Rankin and they were working everyday from 6:30 in the morning till very late in the evening to put the pews together and to install them in the church. The final effect you can see in the pictures.

As a parish priest I am so grateful first to God that He allowed this to happen. That He made the hearts of so many people open so they have decided to help us.

As a parish priest I am so grateful, and I think we all as a parish are, to the people who did incredible work to make our church more beautiful: Peggy Leroux SSVP; Kathleen Ancker Catholic Mission in Canada; Ucal Powell, Carlos Pimentel, Mike Yorke, Tony Currie Carpenters' Union Local #27; to all of you a huge thank you for your big help.

I would like also thank to: Imelda David, her brother and the Panlican family for cleaning the church and washing the carpet before installing the pews. Rankin Inlet Healing Facility for sending two inmates for a day to help our carpenters install the pews. They did a great job. Page Burt and John Hickes from Nanuk Lodge for allowing me to use their car so I could take our guests out in the land.

Our guests are with us till Tuesday. Today at both Masses we will thank them officially. All of you are invited to meet them and to express your thankfulness for their help and dedication.

Father Marcin,
Rankin Inlet