Out with the Cold

(posted: February 1 2021)


He (Jesus) did the same with the cup after eating, saying as he did so:
“This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which will be shed for you.”
Luke 22:20

The Holy Spirit attests this to us, for after saying,
“This is the covenant I will make with them after those days says the Lord:
I will put my laws in their hearts and I will write them on their minds,”
Hebrews 10: 15-17

The new year 2021 hasn’t started off on a very positive note. COVID 19 is still with us. We can only hope that staying home, social distancing, good hygiene along with the new vaccines will bring us out of this difficult time.

On top of Covid 19, the weather will be cold, wet and often unpleasant for the foreseeable future; it is winter, after all. Winter is particularly hard for those of us seniors who used to ‘go south’ in those long ago days before Covid. How I miss winters without boots, scarves and parkas!

Still, after the experience of the past year, I am ready to look ahead. For me, positivity is the only way. Moving toward the new with fresh eyes and new ideas has been the Vincentian way since our earliest times. It is why we greet poverty and suffering of all kinds with joy. Our joy is in the Lord. We trust that all things are possible to those who believe.

Lent begins on February 17 and, as Vincentians we will do well to use Lent as a time to stress the positive in our lives. I read a definition of repentance recently: Repentance means to re-think.
  • In what way can I re-think and return to God as Lent approaches? How can I open my heart and my mind?
  • Are there places where I need to re-think my attitude? Do I need to rid myself of any old ways or old thoughts to become more positive?

Jesus came to make a new covenant with the entire world. Whatever we can do, in our families, our conferences/councils and in our communities, we will do with the knowledge that we do it with and for Jesus, in covenant, as he promised. Jesus is our strength.

In him who is the source of my strength I have strength for everything.
Philippians 4: 13

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by Denise Bondy, Chair
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