Child Poverty

Child Poverty

From time to time we are reminded that the extent of child poverty in Canada is intolerable and something needs to be done. In response goals are set, funds allocated, committees struck. But in the meantime another generation of children grows up deprived at times of even the basic necessities of life, but also of resourceful support, of parental guidance, and of opportunities to succeed. Other children take all these for granted.

A recent comprehensive study has shown that child poverty is not just about the standard of living but instead is a multi-dimensional condition that cannot be solved from the perspective of material deficiency alone.

Obviously parents are the immediate caregivers on whom a child relies. But if parents, often of no fault of their own, are unable to sufficiently support their children, society has the undeniable responsibility to step into the breach. Schools, religious communities, children’s aid societies and others try in many ways to remedy what is broken, but this patchwork of support does not necessarily lead to a comprehensive success story.

In 2018 the Ontario Regional Council’s Advocacy committee intends to develop a wide-ranging Child Poverty advocacy strategy. Keep in touch and be involved.

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