Catch the Ace

SSVP invites you to Catch the Ace

We at the Ottawa Central Council are very excited to launch this lottery draw that will help to extend the SSVP's mission of supporting people living in poverty in Ottawa

The first draw will take place on Monday, Feb. 14, 2022

Every ticket purchased will help to fund the Affordable Housing Project launched by the Ottawa Central Council (OCC) of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in concert with the Multifaith Housing Initiative (NHI).
The fundraising will support the construction of a housing complex, called the Anchor, to be located at 7 Rossland Avenue in Nepean. Through various fundraising activities, the OCC aims to raise sufficient funds to cover the down payments if 4-6 apartments for Indigenous families in need. Studies* have shown that Indigenous peoples are overrepresented in the homeless population in Ottawa.

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The multi-year campaign will see the SSVP and MHI inviting local businesses, organizations and groups, to donate funds towards the down payment of these 4-6 units. The target is to raise between $250,000 to $300,000.

These down payments will help to reduce the rents to the level of shelter allowances provided by social assistance. As a result, tenants will be able to support their other basic living needs, such as food and clothing. The SSVP will continue to support tenants as they do for all Ottawans in need.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul recognizes that safe, secure affordable housing is a basic human right.

* According to a 2018 study, Indigenous peoples made up roughly 2.5% of Ottawa's population, yet accounted for 25% of the city's homeless population. Many indigenous leaders have since said the number is likely higher, at around 40% (Aboriginal Peoples'Television Network News)

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