Twinning Project "La Cebeita Community Project"

(posted: June 27, 2019)

Twinning Project "La Cebeita Community Project" funded by ONRC to provide water to a community in Nicaragua. Cost of project $9,600.

The Project: The extraction and distribution of potable water to the community of La Ceibita, located 12 kms from the town of Somotillo, Nicaragua. The well is located 1 kilometer from the village and will serve 44 families, 157 inhabitants. The well is 200 feet deep and provides 75 gallons/minutes, and is located in a sector with electricity. The village does not have access to electrical power. A water tower is being built next to the well as it needs electricity to activate a submersible pump to fill it up allowing water to flow into underground water distribution system to houses via PVC piping which was installed. The project is executed mostly by beneficiaries who formed a beneficiaries Committee for the construction, maintenance and management of the system afterwards. Legal ownership and permits have been completed.

This life changing project has developed a sense of community and hope to those involved.

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