Free Food

(posted: April 26, 2020)

I would like to suggest all conferences put out a food table in a location where those in need can find it. Put a sign like we have. Doesn't need to be manned and better if it is not. Some of the local food pantries have a message saying they are closed at this time and to call 211 or Social Services. I believe this is a cop out. If we sincerely want to serve, then the Lord has given the Society and other groups a great opportunity to show their relevance. Please pass this on. This food table displayed is in Mississauga at the corner of #10 and Dundas, probably the best location in Mississauga. I restock it a couple of times a day. We also have to believe that if we sincerely want to serve those in need, that the Lord will provide through our generous benefactors.

Kindest Regards,
Bill Graham, Vincentian

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