Brant SSVP Youth Activities

(posted: March 27, 2023)

Brant SSVP Youth Activities

Brant SSVP youth took a short but much deserved break after a very successful advent season. Advent campaigns in support of our neighbors’ in need included a variety of drives for hygiene items, food, warm winter clothing, filled Christmas stockings, etc. etc.

Donation Bins
While regrouping and recharging since Christmas, our high school students continued to passively collect items in their donations bins. Each of our two high schools have built donations bins and have them prominently placed in their cafeteria. Students and staff routinely donate items… bringing them to school as these items come available from their homes. When the bins are filled, they either call us for a pickup, or if possible, they will empty the bins and bring the items to our thrift store.

SJC Music Ministry Creativity, Talent, Award and Donation!
St Johns College chap Andy and his Campus Ministry team created a video to encourage donations bin contributions amongst the student body. They entered the video in a competition and won 2nd place!! They then used the 2nd place money they won to purchase materials which we will use to install an LED screen behind the checkout counter in the retail section of the store. Additionally, they collected non-perishable food items and clothing for us on Thursday, Feb 23 Anti-bullying day.

Turkey Relief
Assumption College students rallied behind an effort to gather clothing in support of the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. Plans had to change however, due to the overwhelming generosity of the larger local community! So many items were gathered in the local larger community, that the decision was made to redirect the collected items from the ACS community to support those in need locally as well as in the Inuit community of Whale Cove, as a part of the North of 60 Project, which we have again decided to participate in for this year..

An over-abundance of generosity and goodwill is always a good thing to be blessed with!!

We were also blessed by the monetary proceeds of a dress down day that Assumption college students held for us. Additionally, after a 6-year hiatus, the Assumption College school community will be hosting an overnight event on May 12th in support of us. Students are going to be fasting for 24 hours and finishing with a community meal on the morning of the 13th. Students will be raising $100 in pledges each and spending the night at the school. They will be conducting a variety of activities through the night, around the theme “I was a stranger and you welcomed me” Matthew 25:35. They are aiming for a balance of fun and learning about social justice issues.

We are so excited to have this activity make a return!

Lenten Drives
A number of Lenten drives are currently underway to assist us and our neighbors’ in need. Food, personal care, items, monetary donations, etc. are the themes of these various drives.

It is certainly heartwarming to see such high levels of support amongst our youth, especially these days where the level of hardship amongst our neighbours in need is so great.
We never take for granted the level of care, compassion, energy, and generosity that our youth bring to us!

God bless, and Cheers!!!
Peter Giordano, SSVP Brant Youth VP

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